Monday, November 30, 2009

Visitors, Inspirational Poetry and a FREE Downloadable Craft


I'd intended this blog post to be full of photos. I went all snap-happy over the weekend to try to capture all the wonderful events happening - only get this. I 'took' a whole bunch of photos... with no 'chip' in the camera.

Yes, all the lovely photos I wanted to have - Kaye, home from hospital and home in our Church PRAISING the Lord - and huggin' the CUTEST baby.

Umm hmmm - how bout the dozen photos I'd snapped of Ken and his family as they blessed us with worship?

Imagine my surprise and utter dismay as I sat downloading from my camera. I graciously apologise to everyone - I was working between two cameras and got messed up. Luckily I did come away with a few photos - and with a song even!



I must mention something wonderful that transpired this Sunday. My husband, Miles came to open the church and to practice and when he arrived he was approached by a man in need of a helping hand. As we don't have a food bank at our Church he promised to put something together for him and promised him if he were to return in a few hours we would stock him up with some groceries. I was at home during this time so did not see what this person looked like.

Miles came home and we put together a pretty impressive bag in anticipation of his need.

During the middle of the worship (music) service a man came into the doorway of the sanctuary. I knew Miles could not very well get up from playing the piano so I got Betty and we headed out to present him with the grocery items.

His eyes lit up when I told him we had been anticipating him - in fact we had everything packed up and ready to go. He was delighted and thanked us profusely. We had a chance to talk to him and pray with him before we returned to the service. Imagine our surprise when Miles informed us this was NOT the same man he'd spoken to earlier! LOL!

The first man never did return - but I believe the right man turned up for this helping hand and prayer!



Our church would once again like to thank Ken and his beautiful family - wife Cheryl who sang with him, daughter Vicki who played drums (you sounded terrific and provided a perfect touch to the music!) and to your son William for running the power point (especially impressed how you slipped the scripture into it!) I am truly mad at myself for not getting your photos - NEXT time I promise! You have no idea how much it means to us to have you bless us with your worship and friendship! Park Drive Pentecostal Church from Oliver has been ministering alongside us for the past while and we truly appreciate it.




We are fortunate to have two women in our Church Family who have a nursing background and we were fortunate to have the benefit of their knowledge this Sunday as they presented us with some basic guidelines on protecting ourselves against H1N1 and just all pesky infections in general. Gina and Bev were thoughtful enough to compile and distribute a list for all of us. They had some great advice! If you would like a list of the information please email me and I will send you a copy. Send your email to THANK YOU, Gina and Bev, for looking after us.



What I mean is, we were treated to a visit from Rhonda, Nathan's sister along with her ADORABLE little baby boy. I was sad that Leila missed both the message preached today (which was wonderful, Betty) and also the song which Nathan and Rhonda sang for us. Leila thank you for your faithful ministry with our children.


And so, Leila, I made sure to catch Nathan and Rhonda's beautiful song on the recorder for you to enjoy. Just click on the player below to enjoy!

Discover Simple, Private Sharing at



Leena and Jussi send greetings our way - they're looking forward to returning in the near future to join us. In the meantime Leena sent me this poem she thought would be a good reminder to us to keep our hearts open to those who might find Christmas a difficult or hurting time of the year. Leena's father passed away suddenly due to a massive heart attack right on Christmas eve about 10 years ago. A friend sent this poem to them and it brought Leena and her family such comfort at that time - and so she would like us to share it with someone who we might know who is hurting. Click the FULLSCREEN feature to view the poem larger (hit your ESC button to come back to this blog screen when you are done) You can also download or print using the features in the window below.

Christmas With Jesus

Thank you Leena, for this touching poem.



It was Saturday night Jam and Crafts this past weekend and what a wonderful time we had. Unfortunately I did not think to "go topside" to the sanctuary to capture some of the music lessons for you (will have to think of this next time) but we had a lot of fun creating in the basement.

This week we made some Pretty Citrus Pomanders - a very simple and easy craft. I'm providing the instructions here - you are welcome to print and share them!

Pretty Citrus Pomanders



We had some clever ideas revealed during our crafts session - Leila added some word art (Awwww, romantic words for her husband Nathan) while our youngest crafter Amber gave me an idea of how to make our pomanders into a "lollipop" decoration by inserting a stick into the end. In my instructions I include directions on how to do this! Have fun!



Betty delivered an inspiring word - I had several people make a comment to me, wishing I'd recorded it. I even had an email with glowing praise. Betty's word encouraged us to remember that we bring Jesus into our work places so we can know that we have the opportunity to be a ministry wherever we are! Well, of course she said it much more eloquently than how I've summed it up.



Kaye - home from the hospital. Still battling some health issues but not allowing it to keep her down and it was sure a blessing for us to have her in church this a.m.

Nathan and Leila - moving into a new home this week. Some of us formed a work party and helped them get their new home whipped into shape and move their possessions. We look forward to seeing you settled!

Rose and Ken - had a special time with family this week. Their relatives came from out of town to have an early gathering together.



Julie - was sick over the weekend. Please pray for her health this week.

Marie and Cecil - health issues

Dale and Florence - for their ministry "down south" in the USA for the next several months.

unnammed - health issues for a person we are in contact with. That we would be able to share in the HOPE of Faith in Jesus.

Jim and Elaine - as they minister at Colwood. For their daughter Melissa as she awaits the arrival of her baby.

Amalia and Alfredo Sommer - from the Baptist church as they do their missions in South America

Jen and Mark Illife - missions in Africa



Tuesday, December 1 - Women's Bible Study. Gathering at Rose's house this week. We are starting into Part 4 of Friendships of Women. Come one, come all - bring a friend!

Wednesday, December 2 - OCC Women's Online Meeting. Got MSN messenger? If you have (or you can download) you are welcomed to join us in a live, online meeting. This is a night when we catch up with each other, discuss whats going on in our lives, upcoming events etc and lift prayer needs. If you need more information on how you can join with us just email me (Barb) at

Saturday December 12 - Crafts and Jam night. We have a fun craft planned downstairs. Bring a friend along. You can email for more information or you can call Barb at 250-495-3516. Miles and Nathan will providing basic guitar instruction in the sanctuary.

Sunday December 20th - Church Family Christmas Dinner. We will be enjoying the 'talents' of the bakers in our church this night LOL! We hope to also have some sort of entertainment rounded up. If you have an idea of something you would like to share we welcome you to let us know.

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