Childrens Church

April 27, 2011

Resurrection Eggs

Thanks to Amanda and Shirley for your overseeing this very worthwhile Children's Church lesson.  Amanda and I had a lot of fun prepping for this one - we wanted to be careful to be "kid safe" with some of the items, like the "Thorns" and the "Sword"  so we printed our own sheet of little icons which could be cut up and tucked into each egg, which explains the story of the cross and reurrection.   


This past Sunday, April 17th,  our Children's Church lesson was a delicious one! 

This child is helping whip up a batch of "Resurrection" cookies.    The recipe's ingredients were tied to moments of the death of Jesus upon the cross (salt is for his tears, vinegar for the drink given etc)  The tomb was represented by sealing the oven with duct tape.  The empty tomb?  The cookies bake HOLLOW in the middle! 

  A very powerful lesson and I know I myself will never think of a simple meringue in the same way again.