Monday, November 2, 2009

Thanks To Park Drive, Kaye is Home and Upcoming Events at OCC

Thank you to Peter who is Pastor to the seniors at Park Drive Pentecostal in Oliver, for bringing us the message this past Sunday. His sermon title was "My Brother's Keeper" and it was an insightful and valuable word.


Thanks as well to Ken and Cheryl who blessed us with worship music. Your singing and playing anointed us with gladness and surely we were brought into the Grace of Jesus with the words sung of praise, hope and gladness. Words cannot express just how much it means to us to have you come and minister to our church family. Your faithfulness to us is inspiring. I completely appreciated your words which reflect that we are ALL family!



Kaye is home from hospital! YAY! I spoke with her this morning and though she is still somewhat weak she feels strongly she is on the mend. She recently enjoyed a celebration of her 85th birthday - her (large) and loving family put together a wonderful party for her. Kaye mentioned to me that Pastor Jim and Elaine called her in the past day to say hello, and how much that comforted her.

Ken and Marg - who are at their home at the coast. Ken and Marg are able to stay in touch with us via this blog and have submitted inspirational materials for this blog. We miss you both and are thankful for having us in our family.




Kaye - though she's on the mend we need to continue to pray for a complete healing.

Jim and Elaine - as they settle into their new ministry in Collwood, BC

Nathan - as he is learning to be a teacher (is this an oxymoron? And no, Nathan, I did not just say you were a moron :) Please pray for Leila (his lovely wife) as she keeps things running at home and encourages him. We know with certaintly Nathan, you will be a wonderful teacher!

Amalia and Alfredo - (Osoyoos Baptist Church) as they head to Argentina tomorrow for 4 months. May their missions in the community and surrounding area where they grew up in be successful. What a beautiful thing for them to 'give back' to the country they grew up in. This area has a lot of poverty and they keep returning to help alleviate suffering and better the circumstances. They do this all the while showing the love of Jesus.

Jen and Mark - who are in Ethiopia Addis Ababa. Jen used to attend OCC. She and Mark are newlyweds and she and husband Mark have a heart for missions. At the present the area they work in is seeing a people practice witchcraft etc being converted to Christian - which puts lives in danger. So, they must be very careful about what we can publish about them, in regard to details. We need to pray for the Lord's protection upon them.



OCC Women's Bible Study - meeting this Tuesday November 3rd at my (Barb's) home at 1:30 - 3. Please call if you need directions. 250-495-3516. We are following the "Friendships of Women" audio series from Midday Connection.

Jam and Craft Evening - Saturday, November 7th.

Come join in on an evening of music and fun. Basic instruction in playing Guitar provided in the sanctuary. There's also a keyboard available, or bring your own instrument. If you have an old instrument kicking around and might consider donating it to our Saturday night Jams, let us know.

There will be crafts happening downstairs. Bring your items for shoeboxes along and we will 'pool' our resources to make some boxes! We've had donations so we will be able to fill a few extra. I'll be contacting Florence to find out which is the last day to get the boxes together. If we find ourselves with extra time we will have a good 'visit' together.

Guests Jussi and Leena will be visiting November 8th. Won't you please attend to give them a big welcome!


Sorry this post is a bit shorter than most. It was my husband's birthday this past weekend and we took three days 'away'. Ha, away for us meant staying at home, not answering phones. It was wonderful to just turn off all technology and spend time together. Thats exactly what our FATHER in heaven would like us to do with Him, too.

I will leave off with this video - I hope it leaves you feeling uplifted!

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