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This week at OCC - Youth Report, Praise Report & "Beginning to Look a Lot Like Christmas!"

While we had no formal events going on this week at Osoyoos Christian Centre lots is happening "backstage". First thing you might notice attending next week is that some of us got together and 'spruced up' the sanctuary!


Yes, just giving you a teensy peek of what you might see - stay tuned for more - decorating this area has given us more ideas for other areas. If you have ideas or would like to join in when we strike next let us know!


We were blessed to have Dale and Florence home with us this past Sunday. As mentioned in our previous post, their brother David, from Calgary went home to be with the Lord just a few short weeks ago. After speaking with Dale and Florence I have SUCH an appreciation for David and Beverley (David's wife who passed on just this summer) Both were young (David was only in his 50's) but what a tremendous ministry they had in their short years!

Dale and Florence were astounded that even as they "said goodbye" to their precious family members - to have revealed the extent of the ministry that David and Beverley established during their missions in Taiwan. In fact, you can read about the ministry they established called RAY OF HOPE by clicking on the picture below.

Fullscreen capture 23112009 85536 AM


The mission of their ministry is: Ray of Hope is a Christian organization dedicated to promoting the sanctity of life, teaching sexual purity, and bringing restoration to women in the midst of a crisis due to an unwanted pregnancy or previous abortion.

This ministry provides many valuable resources to assist - all in the name of the LORD.

What a tremendous comfort and pride it must bring to Dale and Florence to know how many lives are STILL and WILL CONTINUE to be touched by this good work which was the life of David and Beverley.

Florence has promised an audio/visual interview when they return home from their winter ministries in the southern USA for the next several months.

We wish you well, Dale and Florence and we will be praying for you.


We have a report from our Youth who recently went to an EVENT held in Grand Forks BC. Thanks goes to Bart and the Park Drive Pentecostal Church for including our youth in this adventure - our youth are still talking about what a terrific time it was and they enjoyed meeting new friends along the way.

The following is a video of the band Kiros who played at The Gathering which our youth attended! Click on the TRIANGLE play button to listen.

The Gathering 2009 was a very fun and lively event. We had a awesome speaker - Glenn Madden. His time of sharing was followed up with entertainment by the bands Kiros, We Are The City and Stone house 25 (and more!) There were several more events, and if this were not exciting enough the evening celebrations were topped off with great food.

The events were well organized and we were kept "on the move" and entertained the entire time. The organizers brought in drama groups that made us think of our place in the world as Godly people. We enjoyed the improv groups who caused us to to laugh - but with a great message. With Glenn Madden there we also experienced good, serious teaching of "the real God" - the one that isn’t all sugar coated, the one that people seem to forget; Our FIRM and MIGHTY GOD the one that punishes for breaking his law. We needed and appreciated this word.

~ submitted by Nicole



Thank you to Judy (my Sister in Law) from Kamloops, who made enough of these lovely Cross Bookmarks to give to each of the ladies of our church! They were received with gratitude and truly appreciated! We were honoured to have Judy sit in with us for a Women's Bible Study last month and so some of you got to know her and have remained in contact. I know I can say that a BIG HELLO comes with each cross.



Melissa - Jim and Elaine's Daughter who is expecting any day now. She did make it past her 35th week last we heard and I hope by next blog post perhaps we will have an announcement in the PRAISE section?

Jim and Elaine - As they minister in Colwood and also as Elaine helps out with Melissa.

Cecil - Marie's husband has been suffering illness for several years. Please pray for a hand of healing upon him, and for stamina for Marie as she looks after him.

Nathan and Leila - Nathan as he is in training to be a teacher, Leila as they will be moving soon. Nathan is also sick with some sort of 'bug' - that he will recover (and not pass it on! LOL!)

unnamed - A woman who is suffering a deep sickness, that if it's the Lord's will she will be healed. That she will find a comfort, peace and purpose in accepting Jesus - giving HIM reign in her life. That HE would give her hope and peace and guidance at this difficult season. Pray for those who will be ministering to her - supply the words! Please pray for her young family as well.

Keremeos Church - Newly established this Pentecostal church seems to be already making a huge impact in this area. May we lift them up as they continue to "walk in faith" where they have been planted. We look forward to meeting you soon!


Kaye - Home from the hospital AGAIN, Kaye is weak in body but STRONGER than ever in faith. Won't you drop by to see her and encourage her - and be encouraged by Kaye as she is the biggest encourager I know!

Rose and Ken - have family visiting and celebrating a "Christmas Before Christmas" this week. May your time together be a precious time of bonding.

Matt and Lillian - In England, have just moved into a new 'flat' and enjoying the time as a family unit! Wouldn't a Christmas Card sent from here look nice on their walls (hint hint!)



Eileen's Birthday - Eileen is celebrating her 90th birthday this week. Won't you make time to drop in and enjoy all her great wisdom she's gathered over the years? The following is what she told me was the ONE good piece of advice one should take heed to. Just click the PLAY to listen!

Discover Simple, Private Sharing at

Saturday Night Jam and Crafts - 7:00 p.m.

Miles and Nathan will be on board to help you learn the basics of guitar! Please bring a guitar (accepting donations of functioning guitars too - gratefully!) Though we won't be having a formal 'craft' this week, we do hope to perhaps decorate a bit more. Come join in, I'll provide the popcorn! Call if you need a ride!

OCC Women's Bible Study - At Isabelle's place, 1:30 Tuesday. We are continuing with our Friendships of Women Podcast study. A warm and welcoming place to share an afternoon of fellowship with the women of OCC. All welcome!

OCC Christmas Dinner - Sunday, December 20th. I'll be calling around to organize. What would YOU like to bring? Shirley has offered to do pies - you can email me at to tell me what you can provide!


Looking for some good (and FREE I might add) worship songs for your church? You can find the sheet music for the following songs:

Emmanuel (Hallowed Manger Ground) - Chris Tomlin

All Creation Sing (Joy to the World) - Fee

Sing - Josh Wilson

Born in Bethlehem - Third Day

Here is the King - Worship Together

Glory in the Highest - Chris Tomlin

Love has Dawned - Bethany Dillon and Matt Hammitt

Love Came Down - Ben Cantelon

Remain - Ben Cantelon

Father Will You Come - Unhindered

Jesus Saves - Tim Hughes

You Are My Creator - Unhindered

Born That We May Have Life - Chris Tomlin

Just click on the following picture to download! (You may have to register with Worship Together and you will also have to download the Scorch Viewer)

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