Monday, November 16, 2009

Wonderful Worship, Church Family Luncheon, Prayers and Praise, FREE Worship CD!

Our hearts are full and heavy in shared grief with our Brother and Sister - Dale and Florence at the loss of Florence's dear brother, David. After a lenghtly illness and following just a short time-span after the loss of David's wife Beverley this summer. Dale and Florence were able to be bedside until David's last breath - and we are told that it was precious time. Especially deep and significant the time that Dale was able to spend with his brother in law, tending to his physical needs and sharing in a ministry on a completely different level than most of us may ever have to be exposed to. What comes clear in their letters "home" to our church family, is through it all, God is Good - all the time. I know it might seem almost strange to think it, but the following song which was sung this past weekend in Church still holds true, even through the death of a fellow brother or sister.

"The Lord is Gracious and Compassionate"
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Hokayyyyyy - the song does NOT seem to want to upload so I have substituted a YouTube version of this song. Sorry - may upload our own version later.

So hard to comprehend in the light of the loss of a loved one - especially a loved one who devoted his entire life to missions and loving the Lord. "The Lord is Gracious and Compassionate" means that David is now HOME with the Lord, and it means that the Lord has His loving arms of comfort around Dale and Florence and the family at this time. It means that we, their church family - are waiting to enter into praise of thanksgiving with them when they arrive home. Won't you please take a moment to listen to the following song and pray for a safe trip home for Dale and Florence please?


We had a great luncheon this Sunday - it was a soup and sandwhich theme and wow, what deliciuous soups there were! We had crocks of Beef with Barley (thanks Ken, the only GUY who cooked), a light and delicious Vegetable (Thanks Leila) a Healthy and Hearty Carrot and Ginger soup made (Nummy Felecia) and I concocted a Robust French Onion Soup (which I will be featuring the recipe on my personal blog). Dessert was DELICIOUS apple pies, baked by Shirley - ok, Shirley, this is almost impossible to believe, but your pastry rivals that of my Mother in Laws, and she's the Queen of Pastry in my books!

The next BIG food event will be our Church Family Christmas dinner - which we will be having mid-December so that it does not conflict with family plans. We will keep you posted - but start dreaming up your BEST gourmet recipes!

THANK YOU also to the folks from Park Drive Pentacostal who are our "partner" church - but I especially want to send a word of gratitude to the FAMILIES of the members who have been assisting us. Without the support of the wives and patience of your children this would not be possible. Your sacrifice means a tremendous amount to us.

Also, especial thanks to Jussi and Leena for once again providing The Word and wonderful Worship in Song.



Kaye - as she is back in the hospital - still having fluid on the lungs and in some discomfort. If you can, please visit!

Melissa - Jim and Elaine's daughter in law - that she may carry the full term with her baby.

Jim and Elaine - for their ministry in Colwood, for Elaine as she helps out with Melissa and also for her studies.

Florence and Dale - and the family as they make arrangements for David - and for a safe trip home.

Ralph and Krista - in their ministries on the Island.

unnamed - for two son's to walk once again with our Lord.

unnamed - a young man who's brother commited suicide - the young man has decided to accept the Lord as his saviour after seeing how hard his brother was trying to seek the Lord before he took his life.

YOUR prayer request could be here. Send us an email,



Some time ago a dear friend of mine was telling me of her struggles with her neighbors. Turns out the neighbors were extremely loud - you know, music at all hours, thumping away, and not the type of music that is in any way uplifting. Yes - she tried it all, talking to them, etc. Finally in desperation having to call the authorities and despite their warnings it seemed an unresolvable issue. And its not like it was JUST the noise - my friend actually suffers from a physical condition of suffering CAUSED by loud sounds!

So, I asked if we might pray together about it - I told her I was confident the Lord can do what we are not able to do, so she allowed me to pray with her on the spot.

Well, just yesterday she seeked me out to tell me our prayers were answered. Not only were the offending neighbors removed, but my friend tells me the new neighbors are a family with children (my friend has children) and the woman is a Christian and they get along famously. Wow!

YOUR praise report could be here - just email us at



OCC Women's Bible Study - Tuesday at Isabelle's place. Email if you need directions, or just phone me. We will be extending the time from aprox 1 p.m. to 3. We will continue with Part 3 of Friendships of Women. It has been an extraordinary time of connection for our women. Thank you for all who have been so faithful to attend each week. Thank you to Rose for picking our senior women up and to your family for the use of your vehicle.

Church Decorating Day - To Be Announced. Got ideas? Want to help? email us at to tell us how you can help!

OCC Family Church Christmas Dinner - To Be Announced. What would YOU like to contribute? Shirley has promised to bake more pies (I'm starving myself in anticipation already!)



At our last Women's Bible Study Isabelle had us laughing with this list of Hymns as matched with Professions:

Dentist: Crown Him With Many Crowns
Weatherman: There Shall be Showers of Blessings
Contractor - The Churches One Foundation
Tailor - Holy Holy Holy!
Golfer - There's a Green Hill Far Away
Politician - Standing on the Promises
Optometrist - Open My Eyes That I Might See
IRS - I Surrender All
Gossip - Pass It On
Electrician - Send the Light
Shopper - By and By
Realtor - I've Got a Mansion Just Over the Hilltop
Massage Therapist - He Touched Me
Doctor - The Great Physician

and then there's the ones for people who speed:

over 45 mph - God Will Take Care Of You
over 65 mph - Nearer My God To Thee
over 85 mph - This World is Not My Home
over 95 mph - Lord, I'm Coming Home


And lastly - I came across a website for Kristi Northrup, Christian Recording Artist. She's offering a FREE download of her CD - You See Beauty. She would like her music to be a ministry to all - you have the option of also donating to one of the good causes if you feel led to do so. You can visit her website by clicking HERE - just fill out your information and you will be offered a download link. I really enjoyed her music - she has a very bold and refreshing style. Share her link with all your friends and I know she would love to hear from you if you take the time to email her. Thank you Kristi, for your permission to link you here.

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