Friday, December 11, 2009

Belated Post - Worth the Wait!

I'm sorry that this post is late - I'll embellish on this theme in my next post which will bump up pretty quickly to this one. The main point is that my computer simply did not want to load the following audio file despite my repeated attempts. Who am I to question - perhaps THIS is just the moment one of you reading this needs this message at this exact time.

Betty delivered last weeks WORD and her message had a great impact on all - several people expressed this to me. I thank Betty for allowing me to post it. We would love to have your feedback! I apologise for the low quality of the sound {its rather on the quiet side} but next time should be much better as my husband {the audio expert} has assured me he will run me through some ways to improve it.

With no further ado - here is Betty!


Betty is rather on the quieter side - so this was very nice of her to allow us to share. She's not a "grand-stander" at the best of times. Her message is around 30 minutes long. Just click the PLAY button to listen.

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I thank all of you who have been sending me emails and inspiration. Each and every one is greatly appreciated.

I am going to keep this post short but the following one will be longer. Just a few things to mention here -


Nathan and Leila on their new "digs" - they've just moved into a sweet little place at an amazing location at the end of the lake. Just needs a little {well a LOT} of tlc to get it up to the love-nest they'd like to call home. Sooooo - let's mark off a few days in the doldrums of January to help slather on the paint 'n stuff - ok?


Only thing on the agenda for the next days leading up Christmas {as of yet, anyhow} is our Church Christmas Dinner, being held on Sunday, December 20th following the morning service. I will be calling YOU to see what you might like to bring! If you have an idea of something you might like to share in the way of entertainment please let us know - we welcome all!


Chuck, Angie and Family as they travel this weekend to spend time with family. Also for the ongoing negotiations with the school district regarding their bus stop.

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