Monday, December 14, 2009

An ALWAYS is Heard an "Encouraging Word!"

Just another shortie post this week as this week is going to zoom right by! A warm HELLO out to all you of our church family who live away from Osoyoos ~ we will be thinking of you over the holiday. I will post one more blog entry next Sunday night, allowing you to (virtually) join in our Church Dinner and celebration which I hope to capture on video and audio and pictures. A veritable feast for the eyes and the ears you could say!

We welcomed Stacy from Park Drive church in Oliver to share a Word with us this past Sunday and I caught it on audio for those of you who were unable to attend - and those of you who live away at the moment. Stacy's message was encouraging and uplifting and I know that it truly blessed me and met me where I needed. Thank you for your ministering to us, Stacy, and for bringing your lovely family with you as well.

Stacy's message was one with HEART - and I know that your kind words made me stand a little straighter and taller and reminded me that God is in control. Click on the Play button to hear Stacy's message!

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Our annual Church Christmas dinner will be held this coming Sunday - directly after our service. We look forward to seeing YOU! If you have a dish you would like to contribute please give me a call - 250-495-3516!

Stay tuned for the next blog post - will have hopefully pictures, audio AND perhaps even a video or two! :) A nice little wrap up to the year!


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Anonymous said...

Thank you for this encouraging word.
Wow,so glad I heard it this morning a great jump on the day(..week...month..)
We are truly blessed with Oliver Church holding us up in prayer.
Praise God!