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Can't afford that new Christian book that everyone's been raving about? Perhaps you would like to just browse it first to see if its a book you would lay out the money for. Maybe you would like to recommend it to someone else and you know THEY can't go out and buy it. Or, living in Osoyoos you rarely get out to a larger center where there is a Christian bookstore and you are not comfortable shopping online and having it shipped. Well, if this is you, then we are here to help.

I've taken the opportunity to check the best sellers and popular lists from some of the bigger Christian bookstores - such as Lifesong in Penticton or House of James in Abbotsford. I also grazed the Christian publishing companies such as Zondervan and Waterbrook Press and from these stores I searched many titles in our local Okanagan Regional Library. Do you know we are truly blessed with our Regional library for they carry MANY up to date and classic Christian books!

I selected a wide variety of topics, some fiction, some non-fiction - something for everyone! I'm embedding a scribd link which will allow you to view and/or download the list which includes the cover photos and reference (ISBN) numbers which can aid you in ordering. I've actually ordered almost all of these books myself (wait till my husband sees the list of 59) so I can even bring some in for display occaisionally, giving you an extra chance to browse these books. There will be some on marriage, women's issues, teens, men's topics, childrens and study guides.

Did you know you can order your books ONLINE? If you need help figuring out how to do this do not hesitate to ask - just email me or call me and we can walk through the process together. Did you know you are allowed (and encouraged to) have up to 99 books out at one time?

I hope that if you like some of the books you read you will support our local (Lifesong) store or the House of James to purchase a book or two you especially enjoy - or buy one for a friend or loved one to support the folks that run these businesses.

I also hope to compile a list of Christian Music available through our ORL Library as well in the future. We really have a wealth available to us! You can print these pages out or simply view them larger by clicking the icon in the top LEFT HAND corner of this scribd viewer! CLICK THE X in the corner of the full sized document to be returned to this blog post! When you are in FULL view, you can also click the MORE button, located top left of the screen, which will allow you to save, print or even email your list to someone else!

OCC Booklist ORL

Our bible study topic is changing this week to... OBEDIENCE. If you have a thought, scripture, poem, photo or song you would to share regarding this subject let me know and I will post it for you!

Rose Johnson has sent in this observation of our subject - obedience:

Moses was given the Ten Commandments for the Israelites. These Commandments actually are not just for them. It was better said they were given through the Israelites to the World. The first one we break knowingly as children is Deuteronomy 5:16: "Honour your father and mother, as the LORD God has commanded you, that your days may be long and that it may be well with you in the Land which the LORD your God is giving you." For the rest of our lives, we are suffering from the problems we usually cause ourselves.
Thank You LORD for our Salvation (Jesus) and for Holy Spirit He has sent to us as our Helper. For without Him we cannot even begin to successfully obey any of the Commandments; and if we live by the Commandments, we are obligated to obey every one of them at every time. Galatians 5:22 tells us the real way to obey:"the fruit of the spirit is love, joy, peace, long suffering, kindness, goodness, faithfulness, gentleness, and self control. Against such things there is no Law! Verse 25:"If we live in the Spirit, let us also walk in the Spirit ..." If I seek to be Spiritually minded by the Word of God I try to read everyday, by the music I listen to, by what I watch on TV, then I become more able to walk as my Jesus wants me to walk.

Rose and Ken recently visited her son on Vancouver Island and this is a photo she would like to share here!

This photo is of Tim Lyons, Rose's son, Kelsey Lutz, his girlfriend and Ken and herself taken at Arbutus Park just north of Naniamo.

Isn't family a blessing? Thank you for sharing, Rose!


WELCOME HOME to our sister Isabelle who has been in the hospital getting 'sorted out' and back to health for the past few weeks. Praise to God for our health care providers that they have been able to nurse her. I'm sure she is SO glad to be home. Why not give Isabelle a call in the next week to tell her how happy we are to have her back home with us.

Please pray for Angie as she's in the last days of her training and studies at Mariposa. We are thinking of you, and we're very proud of you!

Please pray for Pastor Jim as he is away this week. Pray for a safe trip and for the Lord's anointing upon him as he represents our Church and Jesus to others.

Lets also pray for Lillian Wood who has moved to England with her young family. She's been gone now for about six months and we really miss her - and I hear she misses us too. HI Lillian from all your "sisters" here in Osoyoos!

A reminder we have our Wednesday Night online Women's meeting on msn at 7:00. If you have not joined us before and would like instruction to get up and running just give me a call or email me and I'll help you get set up!


I was given this lovely, thoughtful poem by Marie Primeau recently, and in light of Isabelle's being in the hospital, and Marie having to nurse her husband, its a very appropriate one. Written by Marie in 1984, its still relevant and timely!


My hands I dedicate to you LORD,
Please use them for YOUR own,
That they may soon join the million hands,
Raised up before YOUR throne.

May these hands do naught but honor THEE,
In everything they do,
May they bring comfort to those in my care,
May they bring glory to YOU.

A gentle touch from a gentle hand,
Means so much to the lonely,
To the sick, the tired, the scared, the scarred,
May mine glorify YOU only.

A hand held out in friendship,
A hand raised up in praise!
This is my wish for these hands of mine,
To the end of my earthly days!

by Marie Primeau

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