Sunday, April 5, 2009

Thank You for Our Youth!

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I was very blessed and encouraged this week by one of the younger members of our congregation. As much as I treasure the wisdom and knowledge our Senior sisters have to share, I learned that I can definitely benefit from taking time with the younger ladies in our Church family.

I think this might be why it says in the Bible that there is a season for everything - cause each season brings something vital to our walk with the Lord. As we grow older we forget some of the ways we were when we were younger. When we are young, we would be good to listen to the wise counsel which springs from the experiences of our elders - they've paid the price for many traps we could avoid if we'd simply listen.

This young woman caused me to think. She's not YOUNGER younger, like as in a teen. No, she's a bit older than that - old enough to have had to be out in the cold harsh world some. She's learned that toothpaste, toilet paper, household essentials cost money. Money she has to earn to support herself. She's had some knocks, and it gets lonely living on her own. She's had to put herself through school and then some courses to secure a better than minimum wage job, a job with some future to it. And right now - she's kinda living day to day, saddled with student loans etc. And its often lonely. And part of her is still a kid wanting to party while the other part needs to be recognised as an adult.

I got a new appreciation pondering this and I'm so greatful that I don't have to be where she is right now. But the blessing came in being able to mentor to her. Funny, but it turns out that SHE was the blessing to me!

I have often noticed that no matter how much is going on in her life - even when its really tough, even when she's chaffing against the dedication and sacrifice it takes to be a "good" Christian Woman - she still ATTENDS. And this past week, in our Women's Online Meeting she PRAYED OUR SOCKS OFF. Both me and the other lady who was present had asked her to lead out in prayer for the various requests we'd gathered from within our congregation (via telephone during the day).

Even though this young lady had requests of her own which we'd covered for her, she began to pray. As she did (this all done on a chat program) an amazing thing began to happen. She prayed. And prayed. And prayed! The clock crept past the appointed cutoff time for our meeting and she continued, in fact she prayed for a good HOUR! While she prayed we were ALL lifted - and by the time we closed we were all walking on clouds! All our hearts were completely changed, and still days later we were able to walk in the anointing her prayers had brought down. Who would have thought!

What she brought to us which was fresh and new, still not SO far off of being younger that she still could take a chance to open up (probably once again, in a place where perhaps she's had hurts before) and allow the Holy Spirit to just ROCK HER WORLD!

Ever since, I've been coming up against these fine examples of youth and the passion and candor they bring to us. As I was taking part in a blog-train on Friday I visited the blog of Julie, called Shabbywears (Proverbs 31:30) who is Mom to a young lady who sings out this very thing and who has allowed us to feature her daughter as she sings a song she composed. This song is called "Kiss Your Feet" and as you listen to the words of her song I'm sure you will see (hear) what I hear which is so fresh and beautiful.

Thank you LORD for giving us our Young Ladies of integrity - that we can be blessed by their wonderful enthusiasm.

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VJ's Scrap Room said...

Awesome song!! Thank you so much for sharing it with us.You did a fantastic job on it!:)