Wednesday, April 15, 2009


Hoping you all had a wonderful, meaningful Easter!

Thank you to Elaine who's so thoughtfully (thank Goodness, for I was seeking something and this fits perfectly) provided this poem. With all the earth springing into new growth its so appropriate!


Vines are growing, searching, knowing

Looking forward never showing

Any fragrant flower or fruit

Only giving newer shoot

Upward climbing, won’t remain,

In one place or pause to train

It’s hidden ways, but will protect

Should someone greater, observe, inspect

This leafy wonder on the vine

Wandering over land and time

Taking ground and always knowing

Never any fruit is showing

In distant rows a man is singing

The words are faint but He is bringing

Pleasant words in song and note

To a wandering vine who cannot quote

A single famous verse or line

That would protect her precious vine

From Him who walks with muddy boots

To hear her story, see her shoots

And listening, grasping he lifts her head

The vines are branches, she is dead

From shame and hurt and divination

A life alone in mind and station

She sees His face, He is the Truth

He never left her in her youth

He let her grow as branches do

Until this time, until she knew

Her vines were branches in The Root

An now the Gardener will proceed

To cut away the rot and weed

And clean a place for her to grow

Her old gardener must let go

She will be trained upon the wire

Her branches cut, her leaves inspire

Other shoots to do the same

To let the Savior come and tame

And let this branch have time to flower

But this time by the Savior’s power

She lives.

We are looking forward to meeting online, tonight at 7 on msn for those of you who are able to join in! If you've not been able to yet and would like to do so, my username is lalalime - you're welcome to add me to your msn and I can walk you through. Our chat times have been a wonderful time of connection and power-prayer. Alternately, if you cannot make the chat but would like to request prayer for yourself or someone who needs intercession, please email me at lalaime(at)hotmail{dot}com or give me a call! We would love to lift your needs!

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