Wednesday, May 6, 2009


One of my dear blog friends who's a fellow Believer has blessed us with a poem she wrote some years ago. We were discussing this week's topic - obedience and this is what she provided for us along the theme. Valinda is a fellow scrapbooker too, and this is the layout she made to go along with the poem.

If you knew my Father

And the love he has for you,

You would not question him

Or the things that he might do.

He has only good intentions

so that you are truly blessed,

He wants to have you with him

where there is peace and rest.

The things that happen here,

you may not understand.

There are struggles left and right,

But he has the upper hand.

He's always there to help you,

even though you may not call.

His guiding hand will lead you

so that you will never fall.

With your faith and trust in him,

it can be a wonderful thing.

Who knows all the mighty works,

that trust in him might bring?

He said that he is with you,

and he will carry you through.

He is our loving Father,

and he really cares for you.

By Valinda Johnson

Valinda hails from Georgia, USA and she's visited and commented on our blog. Valinda has had the Lord's hand upon her life and some exciting things are happening for her and her family. Thanks for contributing, Valinda and we welcome you to share anytime! You can visit Valinda's blog by clicking HERE.


Unfortunately I had a VERY busy week and did not get time to phone around for prayer requests. But, Kaye did phone me to share the following thought!

Kaye wanted to share that she recently experienced that she was "flying in the Spirit" - something I am unfamiliar with, but basically she 'saw' a sweeping flyover in her mind of a flight over the vast forests and land. What her interpretation of this vision was the Lord's hand over our country. Kaye has been in serious prayer for Canada and believes the trees represent the Great Army our Lord is raising up in our Land - HIS army of righteousness.

Lets all pray alongside Kaye for this beautiful country we are blessed to live in, that God would keep us free - and we would use our freedom to help others who do not have this choice.

I'd like to share a photo I took on the way home from camping last Friday - how can we not see God in the sheer beauty of a scene like this? Also, please pray for my father in law as he's recovering from surgery for his knee. Thank you!

Please send your thoughts, prayers, photos, poems, scripture or - well anything to me at lalalime(at)hotmail{dot}com and I will gladly post it to our blog. This is a great place to say "hello" or "happy birthday" or "congratulations" or "sorry you're not feeling well" or "I encourage you" to someone in our Church Family!

In fact, congratulations are in order to Danielle and Brad as their business - Kick Start Printing has moved to a new location on mainstreet. We wish you success in your new business home - its now located at 8131A Main Street - between Unity and Macdonald Realty, in the building which used to be Jackson's. Why not pop in and check out their new diggs and get something printed?

REMINDER - If you're free tonight, or any Wednesday night please join us on MSN Messenger for our OCC Women's Online Meeting. If you've not joined us before, please send me an email with your MSN username and I can invite you to our online meeting. We start at 7:00 PM - looking forward to connecting with you!


Betty said...

I love that poem! I´m going to send my daughter a link so she can read it. She´s going through a tough time! Thanks for that!

JanMary said...

Lovely poem. Thanks for sending me the link to here.

VJ's Scrap Room said...

Good Morning:)
It is sooo cool how the Lord is working through his children.Thank you for sharing my poem and also for Kaye's vision.I agree..the Lord is about to pour his Spirit out upon all flesh and it is an exciting time for us now!!:)
Look up..for your redemption draweth nigh!!:)
Love your field of flowers!!How pretty and you are can we not see God in all his beauty?
I will continue to pray for your FIL and his knee.:)

Love and hugs to all!