Friday, February 20, 2009

Wednesday, February 18th Meeting

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Don't Worry!

Well, unfortunately, our second meeting did not come off as well as the first one did. We ran into two problems. One person tried to join the MSN meeting but was unable to because she was using a 'mobile device' which would allow her to connect with ME, but not with all of us. The second person was able to join us, but only if she chose to have her status set to 'online' which meant that if she was visible to us, then she was visible to EVERYONE... and this meant that others were trying to get her attention as well. Kinda frustrating.

So we may try the solution of having her get a 'new idendity' just for our meetings. I'm hoping this will work, for it would be the easiest solution, especially seeing as how I've sent out instructions to everyone on how to do this using MSN. I want to keep an open and fair mind about it all.

There has also been the suggestion we might try a 'skype' VOICE meeting, and thats a thought... though from some feedback I've had is that the personal experience of someone who's done this before is that its fine for 'one on one' type situations, but getting several people in the mix can prove to be very difficult. I'm sure it might turn out this way no matter what we try, unless we all learn to cooperate. For now, lets try this first thing and see how this goes!

Soooo - the long and short of the last meeting was that we spend a good portion of the time just trying to connect everyone, which left us little for prayer and virtually no study time. So we have carried the theme of sin over for this week. I will post anything you would like here, just let me know.

Isabelle suggested we read Psalm 18.

Kaye Harkness says she will perhaps try to hunt up a poem for us to share here too.

Angie asked me if it is possible for me to set this blog up so that if I update it then you might be alerted - I think there is a way. Please let me know if you are interested in recieving the updates as they are posted and I will add your email address to this feature.

Thank you all for being 'game' to giving this a try - and for your patience as we get up and running.

Thank you, Angie, for you pointed out to me that I should not get frustrated or impatient if things take a while to sort out. We need to stay focussed on the fact this is a great opportunity and blessing!

Hope you all have a wonderful week, and see you next Wednesday. I will post my FURTHER thoughts on Sin, in a day or two!

♥ Barb

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