Friday, February 13, 2009

February 11, 2009 Meeting

Thank you to our church ladies who were able to join in the first OCC Women's Online Fellowship. It was a nice way to gather. Its looking like everyone managed to download and use MSN with a good degree of comfort and its sure to run even smoother as we all settle in.

It was a good time of sharing for Barb, Rose, Angie, and Elaine. Thank you, Leila for taking the time to call and let us know that you were not able to join in this session.

If anyone would like to join in, you're welcome to email Barb at for an introduction and instructions if you would like to gather with us.

We basically had a visit with each member and got familiar with MSN messenger. Part of our time together was in gathering prayer requests. . If you cannot be with us, please, feel free to give a written or verbal request to Barb and she will add your request to our meetings. You are welcome to phone Barb at 250-495-3516. Even if you cannot use a computer, this is still as much YOUR ministry as the few of us who gather.

The following prayer requests were given and we would love for all Church members to pray for these needs too, please.

Angie asked for prayer for an interview she was to attend on Thursday, February 29. Please continue to lift our sister as this is an ongoing process for her.

Rose requested prayer for her nephew as he heals, for herself for healing from her flu & migraines and for her husband Ken to be protected from germs. She also asked for prayer for her friend from Vernon regarding a job opportunity.

Elaine needed prayer for her test she took on Friday. Elaine continues to take courses & classes and may we lift our sister up to be enabled to meet her needs in this area.

Leila requested prayer for the Youth Valentine's party. She desires we continue to pray for the youth – that she and Nathan could be a ministry to them, and a vehicle for Jesus to come into the hearts of the young people they are in contact with.

Barb asked for prayer for this online ministry, that it would bear fruit OUTSIDE of the internet, and open doors for ideas the entire Church can benefit from. Also, the Lord has been working in some areas and convicting her heart.

If you do not have a prayer request, but would have a scripture, psalm, poem, photo, or song you would like us to post on our Blog site, don't be afraid to ask. We would love you to share!

The last part of the meeting we chose a subject to ponder during the week. This week's thought is SIN. When we are convicted of a sin, can we discern if we are simply being obedient to the Lord's commandments, or do we feel the Lord's influence on us BEFORE we consciously look at something as a sin in our life. This description is a very loose interpretation of our discussion, so we welcome your thoughts on this!

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