Sunday, February 22, 2009


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Kaye Harkness passed me this poem at church this morning, to share with you. She wrote this some time ago. Thank you for sharing, Kaye! What a wonderful gift you have with words.

The Battle Song of the New Jerusalem

We have heard the call to battle,
And we have hearkened to His call,
We are tens of thousands strong,
Standing straight and tall.

His Word is our backbone,
His promise is our call,
We are privileged to be a part,
Of the joyous, happy throng.

What glory it is,
To carry His banner, great and strong,
No foe can come against us,
As His armour we put on.

His Word is a two-edged sword
That can never go wrong.

We will stand upon His Word,
As together we press on,
Singing Glory Alleluiah,
His saints are marching on.

Upon Zion's hill with Jesus,
We will save our race,
Singing Glory Alleluiah,
He has saved us by His grace!

The host of heaven will shout with joy,
As we come marching home,
Singing Glory Alleluiah! -
Christ is seated on His trone.

All creation will praise Him,
As together we unite,
Singing Glory Alleluiah!
Christ has won the fight.

No tears or sadness here,
Nor is there any night,
Singing Glory Alleluiah!
We share His glorious light.

by Kaye Harkness

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