Monday, February 2, 2009

Welcome to our Women's ONLINE meeting place!

I hope this blog will be a site where we can all share our thoughts and ideas, scripture, and prayer requests. This is YOUR blog - and I look forward to your input. If you have a resource to share, let me know and I can put a link in the sidebar, easily.

I think our first meeting on the chat, we will just 'visit' and get to know one another - that is if there are more than a few of us, and if we don't actually already 'know' each other real well. We can get the system up and running and mentor to each other to make sure everyone is comfortable with how it all works. It does take time and practice.

I mentioned that we would pick a subject to study during the coming week and we could all share our thoughts and ideas on that one. You're welcome to either email me your 'stuff' (specially if its lengthly) or you can leave it as a 'comment' here as well.

To leave a comment, just look down to the bottom of this blog post and you will see COMMENTS at the bottom, click on that and you should be able to leave a comment. Since I've set it to allow 'anonymus' comments - you might consider adding your name to the bottom of your comments so we know who its from!

I will add some of my own useful links in the sidebar for you to explore. For example, the Bible Gateway one, if you search there, and go to the site, you can actually LISTEN to it in audio (click the little speaker symbol there and be sure your speakers are turned on)

Another favorite of mine is Midday Connection. They have terrific audio shows on, daily, Monday to Friday - and you can also click and listen to the past shows! Just click on the blue underlined word "listen" beside the particular one you want to hear - thats it, your computer will do the rest!

I see some of the latest titles are:

"When your spouse disappoints you" (never happened to any of US though, right?) "Nurturing Boys"
"Your Daughter's Value System"
"Global Poverty"
"The Beatitudes"

- so as you can see, there are a variety. I am game to using any of these shows as subject matter too!

I look forward to meeting all of you - I thing good things will come of this resource.

I'm going to pitch Angie's subject out for discussion first, and we can talk about it on our next women's night one week from tomorrow night's meeting - Wednesday, February 18th at 7 or 7:30.


Anonymous said...
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Anonymous said...

Hi Barb!
God Bless you and your day.

Judgirl said...

wow Barb it looks so awesome ...and I know the ladies and you will make an impact on a lot of lifes. Hope you don't mind my stopping by ...

GOD BLESS you all