Wednesday, April 27, 2011

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Did you and your family grieve the "alone in the garden" as Jesus prayed to be delivered?  Did you collectively shake your head in "No, not I!" as he was betrayed into the hands of the authorities?  Did you flinch in pain and anguish as he made his way through the booing, hissing crowd in excruciating pain?  Did you weep at the foot of the cross as he meekly hung upon the cross for YOU and me?  Were you bereft as he spent three days in the sealed tomb? 

Most importantly, did you rejoice when he rose again to show that he is ALIVE and well and does your life today, this very moment reflect that miracle?  Did I catch you at a difficult moment of your day, perhaps a mundane one?  Does this bring you back to the fact that whatever your day is bringing you, count it all JOY!  Yeah, wherever you are, whatever you're doing I dare you to dance with joy at knowing you were bought for a price - you're FREE.  Now, enjoy your perfectly extra-ordinary day! 

We have much new content for you today including:

  • An inspiring message from Pastor Joseph
  • Audio recording of Sunday April 24th Sermon (thanks to Leila for the recording!)
  • Current and Upcoming Events
  • New thought "From the Heart"  (click From the Heart tab top of this page)
  • New Scripture wallpaper Isaiah 26:3  (click The Gallery tab top of this page)
  • Review of April 24th Children's Church lesson  (click Childrens Church tab top of this page)
  • Photos from April 23rd Easter Parade photos  (click OCC Photo Album tab top of this page)


Today I’m going to take a bit of a short turn and discuss something that isn’t related to the sermon that I spoke on last Sunday. As I was preparing to write this entry, I remembered a story that my instructor had told us about back in my days of theological training. It was quite simple yet profound and I feel that’s it’s something that I should share at this time.

The initial conclusion that I came to as he told us about this part, was that just as a symphony has a conductor - that we as believers have a conductor and his name is Jesus. I thought that perhaps Jim  would tell us that when we were led by the conductor that we would all come together and our lives would be a symphony to God. However this was not the case, instead he spoke about the person who played the triangle.

At this particular performance there was someone who played the triangle and every now and again this person would strike his or her triangle at a precise moment and it would lend to the musical piece that was being played. Jim went on to explain that sometimes we can think that we play such a small or insignificant role in God’s Kingdom but this simply isn’t the case – this isn’t the way that it works.

We all play a crucial part in God’s symphony and we need to remind ourselves of this as often as it is needed. At Osoyoos Christian Centre the last couple of weeks I’ve had the pleasure of acknowledging many of the individuals who put in so much work and effort to make things happen. It doesn’t matter what part or role that they play, what is important is that it complements the thing that we are doing as a church and we need this. It all lends to a much larger production. 

Today I just want to share this thought with you and to allow it to serve as a reminder that the role that you play in the Kingdom of God is a very important and significant role.

Maybe you’ve felt that you hold this tiny insignificant triangle and every now and again you are motioned to hit it and then you wait and wait until it’s time to hit it again and because of this feelings of doubt or insecurity have cropped up. If this is the case you need to remember that your role in God’s symphony is very important. You can’t judge what you do by what others are doing in the kingdom – rather you need to keep your eyes focused on God and move when He gives the motion. You’ll find that if you do this that the part that you play is equally as important as all the other parts and together it sounds and is amazing!

And the following is my sermon from Sunday, April 24th, titled "User Friendly Interface"  Click on the triangle to play the mp3 audio recording.


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