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New Message from Pastor Joseph - both written and audio & FREE Scripture Wallpaper - Job 5:10

Welcome to Osoyoos Christian Centre ... online!  Now that spring break is over our posts will resume each week.  It was nice to take a break and get away even.  Have you ever noticed that as much as going away is refreshing that when you return you appreciate where you live in an entire new way - look at it with new eyes and value what you have right here? 

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And now, we will jump right in with this week's post, a message from Pastor Joseph.


with Pastor Joseph Fernandes

I was away a couple of weeks ago and had an opportunity to go rock climbing.  It was the first time for this year so I was eager to get back to it. I will say this - one of the many things that I love about climbing is that it provides so many meaningful connections to Christianity. Allow me to share this with you:

 There are times when climbing a route that things start off really uncomplicated;  right where your standing it is easy to see where the first hold is and even the following one.

photo: Na Padra @ sxc

But as you continue up that route it can be a bit more challenging. Your arms become a bit tired and your feet tend to feel the pain of being crammed into very tight shoes. As you hang there under so much stress and strain, seeing the next move isn't as easy as it was when you were just standing on the ground. It's funny how life can be like this at times!

We can find ourselves in a very comfortable place where things are pretty good and seeing the next move or hold is fairly easy - sometimes it can be right in front of us. There are times however when the stress and strain of life makes it very difficult to see where our next hold should be.

Maybe there's something painful that is an incredible distraction and the focus is on the pain. Maybe you just feel tired and exhausted because you've been going at it so long and it seems as if the end is far away, much like the top of that route.

I've found my self in this place many times both in life and in climbing. There I am at the middle of the route and trying to focus, in spite of the tiredness and pain.  I'm just looking at the end of my climb and thinking - "what's my next move?"

photo: sxc

Here's the thing, and this is just awesome, I look for chalk. Chalk you may say? Yes chalk!

The reason for this is because the lead climber, the person who has went ahead of me, has already been to the top, and on his way there he used chalk to make sure his fingers did not slip when they found a good hold. My experience has been that if I put my fingers where that chalk is, that there's a good hold, and that will help me to make my upward and forward progress.

All of the sudden something happens when I find a good hold - I can move my feet and feel immediate relief because I get to move on now that I have a different hold. My hands don't feel as tired because I've been able to changes positions.  In that moment you truly feel as if you can go all the way to the top -sure enough, if you stick with it, you will be able to go on and reach the top, and there's nothing more satisfying than reaching that point!

photo: sxc

Think about this - in our Christian experience Jesus Christ is our lead climber - He has led the route for us and we just need to look for the chalk from his lead climb!!!

When life comes at you will all its pressure, pain, and disappointment and can't find the next hold - look for the chalk. When individuals abuse you, mistreat you and do their best to hurt you and you don't know what your next move will be, look for the chalk. Look for the chalk that Christ as left behind - it's His way of saying "I've led the way for you, you can hold on here."  We can all be assured of this - if we continue to follow his lead - we will make it to the top!


And just in case you were not able to join us this past Sunday Service, you can still listen to the message in audio using the player below.  Just click on the triangle to start the player. 



Osoyoos Christian Centre this week, asking you all to please pray for:

  • our church and church members that we may be of impact to our community. 
  • other churches in our area. 
  • needs within our town. 
  • our government, both provincial and federal
  • world disasters
  • missionaries afield
  • Israel, Egypt and marginalized countries
These are just a few prayer requests we bring to you - and a reminder that in our "Events" listed below we have set aside an entire evening devoted to prayer.  Please come, bring a friend and enter in together for:

Matthew 18:20

"For where two or three have gathered together in My name,
I am there in their midst."


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