Wednesday, March 30, 2011

Praying for Japan, New FREE Scripture Wallpaper, Current Events and From The Heart

Even though its officially spring here in our beautiful Okanagan Valley, my heart - our hearts as a collective are on the other side of the world.  As our many miles of orchard trees begin to bud and the peach and apricot and  cherry blossoms will force themselves open in the near future they cause us to think of a place which is known for its stunning scenes of cherry blossoms - Japan. 

With the recent 9.0 magnitude earthquake and tsunami the Japanese have suffered a physical catastrophe  almost beyond human comprehension.  The scope of loss of life has not even been tallied - who knows how many 10,000's of lives lost it will eventually total. Add on the continuing concern and danger posed by the failing nuclear reactors and its right up there on a scale of what some disaster movies cannot even touch. 

What we do know is that we need to help in the ways we can and being a church family this means that we must all pray for the needs of the Japanese people, both their physical needs but as importantly to the welfare of their souls.  In this way won't you focus on prayer for the many missionaries who are located in Japan?  Though some may not be in the direct area which suffered this disaster the ripples are felt throughout the entire country and even globally.

As we at OCC  are a Pentecostal Assemblies of Canada church I am going to list and link to two missionaries who you may consider to donate to (donation link on the POAC links)  and pray for:

Damon & Kafi Ealey
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Jeffery and Akiko Sonnenberg

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Jeffery and Akiko have a "Pray for Japan" list posted there which will give you a list of how to pray for the needs in Japan.  


Don't forget to check out our "From The Heart" section for a short message!  We also have this new FREE scripture wallpaper for your computer in "The Gallery" (both tabs located at the top of this page) 


We will return with our  "Good Word" from Pastor Joseph next week! 


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