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There's Lots going on in May at Osoyoos Christian Centre!

Welcome everyone - OCC wishes you a wonderful week.  Perhaps its just me but I usually think of March or April as the months that are changeable - the weather never the same one hour to the next, but if the first few days of May are an indication then you might want to be packing your umbrella with you just in case!  Here's what you will find new on our blog this week:

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Ongoing exploration of 1 Samuel

As we continue to work through at our series in I Samuel we will take a look at 5:1-12.

When I first approached this narrative I looked at this passage several times over. When we read the word of God we need to keep in mind that as readers we stand over the Bible in such a way that we can read its stories in a matter of mere minutes, yet the  events that have unfold in many of these narratives have occurred over a period of days, weeks, months, years or decades. With this is mind we need to be very intentional when we approach the word of God and sometimes we just need to slow down so we don’t miss anything. Let’s take a look at this now:
In I Samuel 5:1: “Then the Philistines took the ark of God and brought it from Ebenezer to Ashdod.” Now before I go any further I would like to bring one thing to your attention. You would think that the author would have went into more detail about the significance of this event and spend a bit more time on it.  However, it seems as if he has just glossed over this event -  but, there is a reason for this.  Let’s take a look at this for a moment.  The reason for such sparse amount of detail around this event is realized by the fact that author is communicating in a high context. “High context refers to societies or groups where people have close connections over a long period of time. Many aspects of cultural behavior are not made explicit because most members know what to do and what to think from years of interaction with each other. Your family is probably an example of a high context environment.”
As significant as this event is, the author doesn’t need to say too much about it because if you were an Israelite reading this story the full weight of it would bear down on you. “The Philistines took the ark of God,” is all that was needed for the Jewish reader or audience to hear and they would have gotten the full impact of this statement because they lived in a high context culture. Everyone knew how important the ark was to their way of life, their identity as a nation, and to their security. Being of a high context culture, the author doesn’t need to say much about this event, however, for those of us who live in North America the same cannot be said. Because we do not have intimate knowledge of Jewish cultural realities during the time period in question, we come into the story from a low context position, and as such it’s easy for us to miss the point because we would expect a very serious event of this magnitude to be described at length.
When the Philistines took the ark of the covenant, it sent a message that their god Dagon was victorious over Yahweh. Remember the old saying: “It’s to the victor goes the spoils.”?   Well, in those old days of war, the winning army pretty much got to loot the countryside and take what they wanted--wealth, harvest, women, whatever. Those would be the spoils of victory. There is little doubt that this message would have been devastating for the Israelites when viewed from this perspective. If we read through that passage quickly then it’s easy to miss the significance of this simple statement and its impact. Yahweh was defeated by another god! When the Philistines took the ark it meant that they had won and they took the ark demonstrating this point. The fact is, if they hadn’t won – they would not have been able to take it, it’s just this simple.

At this time I would like you to think about this the point and how you would feel as an Israelite experiencing this event for the very first time. We will continue to look at this chapter for the next two weeks and I believe that what you will find will be fascinating and encouraging at the same time!
Our blog is coming up on 100 "posts" (each time we update here it is called a "post") in the near future. We are at 95 so we want to celebrate over the next six weeks until we reach 100. For the next three sets of two weeks we will be giving away some books - one each two week block. The first of three books is:
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