Monday, September 28, 2009

Farewell and We Shall "Fare Well"

This past Sunday was the last day we were blessed with Pastor Jim and Elaine. It was a poignant, bittersweet time. Voices were cracking all over the place - lots of manly "Harrumph's" as throats were cleared in effort to keep emotions in check. I lost that battle from the outset and only wished I'd checked out the location of the tissue box before the service!

Thank you to Bart and his worship team from Park Drive Pentecostal Assembly (Oliver) who supplied the music - picking the perfect songs to touch each of us on this special occaision. You and your team joining us truly encouraged our church body. We really appreciate what you do!

I did shoot some video of the service and party - I will try to post some later on, however (and this is an offside) the nifty little purse-sized birthday present gadget my dear husband bought me did a very poor job and some of the music clips came out all 'warbled'. So, I need to prevail on him to help me move the video clips into a program and convert them, then into ANOTHER program which will allow me to cut, snip and cobble together all the bits to make anything of worth to share with you. Which is why the gadget is getting returned to the store :( Stay tuned for next week and I hope to have SOMETHING for you, at least. It won't look like it came off Global TV or anything though.

But this post is about Jim and Elaine and their farewell party. I am certain Jim's goodbye sermon was a good one, but I was down in the hatches (in the basement - the kitchen to be specific) with other diligent helpers setting up a veritalbe feast for the masses.

Everyone pulled together to provide a delicous meal and nobody needed any salt on the table for tears of joy and (happy) sadness falling upon the victuals. Despite my wondering it, everyone seemed to get enough food and had a wonderful time.

Besides a huge slab cake (which disappeared down to one tiny slice at the end when I finally got time to consider eating a piece) they were also presented with a lovely gift basket which everyone contributed to.

Especially nice to see the local jams and preserves - they can take a little bit of Okanagan sunshine with them, all jarred up!

I'm sure Jim was not in any way surprized any way to find a sheep tucked in - he's been collecting for years. He also recieved the set of bongos he's been using and fallen in love with over his time with OCC. I did try to capture some of his playing on video but not sure if it turned out.

We wish you all the best, Jim and Elaine. Jim has accepted a temporary postion with a church near Victoria. I will place a link here on my next post. We love you and will miss you, Elaine and Jim!



Drop-In Music and Fellowship Night! Saturday, October 3rd 7:30 p.m. at OCC. Bring your instrument and join the musicians of our worship team in a time of mentoring and general good musical fun! 'Official" worship practice for Sunday's session at 8:30. If you are not musicially inclined everyone's welcome to drop in to listen and enjoy, help in the kitchen to set up and prepare for Sunday's Luncheon (or watch us do that too). Ok, just come and hang around. The more the merrier.

Pre-Thanksgiving Luncheon and Fellowship evening - Sunday, October 4th following the morning service.



Please pray for an unnamed person - this person has sick and we will pray for healing. Their condtion has been worsening over this past while. We will pray for them to be open to the word of the Lord to be spoken into their lives. We also would desire that our members who have been invited to share medical and personal experiences with them that they have had as a result of this same type illness will open the doors for ministry.

Please pray for Florence's brother David as he too battles with cancer. His wife recently went Home to be with the Lord and now David's family is by his side nursing him trying to make him comfortable as he is very inflicted with pain and suffering. Florence's husband Dale gave testimonly of how Dave had a Word "It is ALL good!" no matter what has and is happening.

Pray for Jim and Elaine as they get established in their new journey. May they be as much a blessing to whom they meet as they have been to us!

Lastly - please pray for OUR church as we begin a new season.


I will leave you with this beautiful, inspirational song which spoke to me this week (CLICK ON THE ARROW IN THE MIDDLE TO PLAY):

~ Barb

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VJ's Scrap Room said...

Good Evening.:)
Just wanted to pop in again and leave a little comment and let you know that I am praying for your church group and for the Lord's divine will to be done in your lives.As your song says..our Redeemer is faithful and true... and I know he will see you through.:)