Monday, October 5, 2009

A Farewell from Elaine and Early Turkey!


Rainstorm over Throne Mountain in August.

Photo by Barb Derksen

As promised, I will share a Farewell Letter submitted by Elaine. (If you are like me you will want to have your kleenex box at hand!)

September 30, 2009

Farewell my friends at Osoyoos Christian Center

As I pack I am reminded of what a privilege it has been to be a part of Osoyoos Christian Center. I met each one of you on your own terms and in your own way and I am blessed to know you. I am an Okanagan girl and will certainly miss the way a storm sweeps across the top of the mountains and the way shadows fall beneath the majestic mountains. The landscape changes continually and I never grow tired of it. We spent time eating together, laughing together and living life together and I appreciate all the prayers that have gone up for Jim and I and I thank you from the bottom of my heart. Thank you so much Barbara for providing Sunday school supplies and Betty you served communion to us. The music in this church is outstanding and I will miss our worship times together also. You all have a place in my heart and so my friends go and live for Christ, live your lives in such a way that you glorify our Lord Jesus. Live!


Elaine Caruso


This past weekend our Church Family celebrated Thanksgiving early. Betty was quick thinking and designated each of the dishes out among the masses. The meal turned out delicious and provided enough food for four times our group!

Thanks to Shirley for the turkey and ham, Bev and Gina for the cranberries, butter and buns. To Kaye for the veggies. To Betty for (? sorry don't remember specifics for you) To Florence for salad and mashed. To Angie for more mashed and more items. To Moira for the ice cream and whip topping. To Cindy for the ice cream cake (can't WAIT to get into that one day soon!)


And to Leila for the absolutely delicious soup! It was a rich and creamy Squash Soup - like sheer velvet on the tongue. And even better - she's agreed we might have the recipe featured here soon (granting she can recall the correct proportions) Thanks Leila, simply divine.



Recording artist Steve Bell will be performing at the Baptist Church on Saturday, October 24th. Tickets are $15. You can find more information by visiting the Baptist Church website by clicking HERE. Or you can also phone the church at 250-495-6581.

Praise and Jam with us at the Osoyoos Christian Centre. If you have an instrument or would like to learn to play why not drop in on us on October 24th at 7:00. This is a casual setting, come as you are. We encourage "young people" (aka teens) to feel free to join in the fun! We will also have the 'coffee pot on' downstairs.

Florence Archibald has agreed to give us a demonstration on a unique method of preparing Operation Shoebox (Samaritan's Purse) boxes. She makes the boxes so nice they will be as much a gift as what's inside. She will also offer insight into just what should go into a box to make it special for each child who receives. I've heard rumour we will once again be blessed with touques (what could be more Canadian than that?) fashioned by Loretta. I remember admiring them last year!

You might want to bring along the following supplies if you would like to build a box while Florence demonstrates:

Pair of scissors

Rolls of clear packing tape

Pretty pictures - could be from magazines, calendars, wrapping paper etc. Must be appropriate for children and sensitive to their customs!

You can email me at if you need more information.



For KAYE who had to make a trip or two to the local hospital last week. Pray her health becomes more stable.

For JIM and ELAINE as they bless their new church home on Vancouver Island. We miss you!

For UNNAMED for a serious health issue. That this person would be ministered to and will accept the Lord at this time.

For Danielle and Brad as their wedding is happening SOON!

For our CHURCH and our BOARD members as we work through this season!


I will leave off here with a beautiful Thanksgiving Video to remind us of what's truly important! Click on the triangle (middle) to play it!

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