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This beautiful poem was contributed by Ruth who is a friend of ours. I'd like to share how Ruth and her husband Konrad were used by God as a ministry into the life of my husband and I.

Several years ago, due to some poor choices we made in our lives we found ourselves suffering a financial consequence which left us with no way to secure any sort of loan from the banking system. We had an old Ford Tempo car which was failing - as our Dad would say it was "nickel and diming" us to death. As we love to camp we were drooling all the summers long any time we would see a VW Van and think that's EXACTLY what we would get IF we could get one. But thinking is about all we could do.

After limping home in our Tempo one vacation we just happened to see an ad in the newspaper for... *insert drumroll here* - a VW Camper, right in our own town. With a reasonable price. My husband was very sceptical as to why I might even want to go look at it for there really was no hope for us to dream we would be able to own it.

But we DID go look, and that's how we met Ruth and Konrad and their CUTE little dog Bobbie. We visited their home and got to know them a bit and had a good long LONGING look at the van. Then we visited some more. We soon discovered we were all Christians and so were able to share. We told them we would see what we could do in the way of arranging financing and would let them know. We were not truly believing we could swing it.

Well, we did approach the banks and even with a signature from our parents we could not make it happen. So, we prayed on it and then we re-visited Ruth and Konrad and we were completely honest with them. Well, it was not but a few days when they called us and said they had been praying on this and thinking about it and they felt led to write up a private document for us to pay them directly.

You honestly cannot know what this felt like for us. We were so completely humbled and grateful. We had that van for MANY years, and it took us on some wonderful vacations. But it was the blessing of GETTING that van that was the best part. Since then, we've been blessed in this way a few more times.

Maybe you're reading this and you have never had to be in a position where you had to rely on someone else for something. I'll tell you - if that's the case you may be missing out on something very special. What Ruth and Konrad did for us has given us a heart (and eyes to see) others who might need a helping hand. Even though we are now financially 'stable' (definitely not well-to-do) we still LIVE like we are not. We don't take our financial situation lightly and we ALWAYS try to help someone else who could use a hand. I feel confident to say that until you have been the recipient of any sort of handout or help, then you can't have the same perspective of how someone's generosity ministers.

But even more so, the joy that I've found is in the GIVING. I always say that I get back FAR MORE than I could ever give. I'm not talking in any way about the $$$ here - no, its a condition of the heart. God gives to us to give it away. Everything He's blessed us with can be used for His Glory... so hold on loosely, be willing to help those who need it and look for a need you can fill today. I'll tell you what, you might not remember what you had for breakfast today, you might not remember things you DID today, but if you GAVE today, I'll bet THAT will stick in your mind.

And so, today I will leave you with the poem that Ruth wrote. She gave us a copy the very first time we met.

What Is In A Rainbow
Gods Token Of Promise

Because I asked to See Jesus , Even a Finger , a toe or a head,
God Showed Me His beautiful Rainbow , To learn of Himself instead.
Behold the Beautiful Colors , There is meaning in them to see,
He Said , Find the Secret of My Token, then My Child you may learn of Me.
Red Is the Highest of Colors , Before My Gaze became Love ,
Red is the Color of His Blood shed, Reconciling me to God above
Orange as the flames of a candle,as Light for all to see,
Jesus is the Way , Truth and the Light, and His Truth shall set you free
Yellow So Bright and so Cheerful, Speaks Of Peace, and Joy found in Thee
But as I looked , I almost overlooked it , Theres Strength , Might , and Power too , see
White is the Color of Holy , Holy Holy Holy the Angels still sing
Sinless and Pure , and as white as Snow , are the garments of Jesus our King
Green is the Color of Pastures, Where ever My Shepherd does lead,
Jehovah Jirah is My Provider, And I know he supplies every need .
Blue is the Color showing Mercy, The Grace of God shed so Grand,
There's Forgiveness, Deliverance , and Healing , From Our Saviours outstretched Hand
Purple , The Color of Royalty , Oh this Color should stir us to Sing
For Jesus Christ is the Lord of Lords, and He is My soon coming King
Purple , The Base Color of the Rainbow ,Jesus Is the Christians Foundation
Jesus is the Chief Cornerstone, He's the Rock of My Salvation
A Star did herald the Christ Childs Birth , Shinning Bright on the Night He was Given,
But a Rainbow May Herald His Glorious Return , The Sign of the Son of Man In Heaven
When Jesus Comes in His Glory, and Shows us That city so Bold
Look close at the Lovely Foundations , Twelve Colors like Rainbows, set in Pure Gold
As we Enter Gods Heavenly Mansion, And Look at His Royal Throne
Once again is the Beautiful Rainbow, Sapphire circles around His Great Throne
So When you again view the Rainbow, and Look at the Colors so True
Remember ,As God Looks on His Token , My Friend He is looking at You.
So If Jesus tarries His Coming , till My eyes age and grow dim ,
I Still have My Rainbow vision , Its My Precious Token from Him

by Ruth Robic

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