Wednesday, June 10, 2009


There is so much GOOD NEWS this week its hard to know which to post first, so how about I start slowwwwwly with a lovely poem written and shared with us by one of our own - Marie Primeau. This poem spoke to me of the lovely summery mornings we've had of late - especially after the long winter we just came through. Thank you for sharing, Marie.


The Sun and I

I rise up daily, just at dawn

And gaze out to the east;

The mountains loom like shadowy humps

of prehistoric beast.

And I and nature, all alone

Wait, absolutely still

To watch the sun majestically

Rise o're the eastern hill.

The lights go on, house by house

And another day is here.

The cars go by, the children shout

As time for school draws near.

And I must leave my vigil now,

Tho' how I long to stay!

But I have seen the sunrise

To brighten up my day!

Yet, He who guides the sun by day,

Guides all my moments too;

And if, like the sun, I stay on course

I know we'll make it through!

The clouds at times cast shadows

That made it hard to see;

But we both knew that He was there

To lead, the sun and me!

And now as evening time draws near,

and the sun sinks in the west,

We both know, the sun and I,

That in him we have our rest!



Pastor Jim was away this past week attending a course in Salinas, California and we pray he's brought new wisdom to share with us. While he was absent we were blessed with the worship team from Park Drive Pentecostal Assembly from Oliver. Led by Pastor Bart, the AWAY TEAM of 7 (I'm pretty sure it was 6 or 7 anyhow... it sounded like even more!) uplifted the Lord in music. We have recorded some of the songs to share with those of you who could not be with us - or those of you who would simply enjoy some good praise! Our deepest thanks to each one of you for taking the time to come down and fellowship with us. We look forward to more times together in the future

To listen to the worship songs, just click on the photo of the AWAY TEAM above! It will take you to a site where you can listen to the songs by simply clicking on them, or you can download them to listen to at your leisure.


And for more good news - Penny Buhr Johnson shares this with us:

Hello from Penny!

Just got back from the
Country Gospel Music Association Convention in High River, Alberta. By God's grace and favour of my fellow Canadian Artists, I was presented with these awards!

CGMA 2009 Bilingual, Silver Heart Award
CGMA 2009 Instrumental, Silver Heart Award
CGMA 2009 Female Full-time Vocalist, Silver Heart Award
CGMA 2009 Songwriter Full-time, Silver Heart Award

I am so honoured and so blessed and so excited to share this news with you!

All the best to YOU!

~ Penny

Penny Concert Poster

Penny will be performing at our Osoyoos Christian Centre on Wednesday, June 24th at 7:00. Come join us for an evening of music and fellowship. Beverages and dessert provided. Free - with a love offering. You can hear song clips for Penny at her blog - next paragraph.

If you need more information you can visit Penny's website - at or you are welcome to email me at or you can phone OCC at 250-495-2550



Missions BBQ at Pastor Jim and Elaine's on June 13th @ 6:30. Special speaker is Fred Ilyin - Missionary to Russia.



Kaye for back pain

Cecil for health issues

Pastor Tony Essex - Princeton - for healing

Paula - who has cancer

for marriages and families who are under attack by the devil causing seperation, discord, anger and unforgiveness.

the safety of our RCMP members, border security personell, ambulance paramedics and fire department members who keep our community safe.

our District POAC Leadership Team

YOUR prayer needs could be here - why not email us or leave a comment and we would love join together to lift your needs.


Each Wednesday evening the women of OCC join together on MSN messenger for a 'virtual' meeting and prayer time. We would love for you to join us if you are able. All you need to do is have MSN Messenger installed and send an invitation to me. My username is lalalime We meet at 7:00 for one hour.

Thanks for stopping in at our blog. We WELCOME feedback and content. Why not share a poem, song, thought, scripture or local events?

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Good Morning Ladies:)
Thanks so much for sharing your praise service with us.How cool!:)
Congratulations to Penny!!:)What an honor!
I LOVE the Sun and I poem too! Thanks for sharing it!:)
Hope you have a wonderful week!