Monday, November 8, 2010

There is Hope


created by Barb Derksen

one of the picture layers from a phtograph by mancity@sxc

Have you ever watched a ray of light break through dark clouds in the sky? Ever wondered what this phenomenon is called? I did, so I looked it up - there's an actual name for these rays. They are called Crepascular Rays. They stream through gaps in the clouds or between objects. Dark cloud areas seperate the bars of light between. The name Crepascular refers to the TIME these occur, a time called Crepascular hours - the time between around dawn and dusk, when the light/dark contrast is the highest. I am always drawn to these rays, pausing whenever I see them.

I think what thought forms in my mind is that the reason the rays make such a visual impact is that because the rest of the sky is dark and forboding, the small slivers of light which pour through and illuminate appear brilliant! Though they take up the least amount of the vista, they draw our full attention. They make me think of HOPE.

No matter how dark the world seems, no matter how alone you feel, Jesus is there - even when we cannot see him. When the clouds block out His light - but never forever. The goodness and light is merely biding its time. Sometimes, for me, a small ray of hope does more for me than an entire sky of sunshine.

Here's a small poem which I found in Streams in the Desert by Mrs. Chas E. Cowman, which is a good reminder for us:

God is above the clouds! - the darkest; most depressing;

The clouds of disappointment, burden, anguish, pain;

The clouds of long suspense; of tidings most distressing;

God is above the clouds! - and skies will smile again.

-by J. Danson Smith (from "Thou Remainest," London, England.) 

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