Saturday, November 13, 2010

"Farewells" "Welcomes" and "In Rememberance"

Isabelle Lukacsic

What a privilege to take part in our rememberance of our dear sister Isabelle, today at Osoyoos Christian Centre. I can honestly say this was the most beautiful and "real" memorial service I've ever been part of.

Thank you to Nathan and Leila Freeman who had a very special bond with Isabelle. Leila knew Isabelle from the time she was 11 years old (Leila, not Isabelle) lots of history there! Later on, during a "challenge" with the youth group in our church, Leila chose Isabelle's name to be paired with - each teen pairing with a senior, to develop a relationship. Later on, Leila and Nathan married and together they both continued to invest in Isabelle's life. Thursdays were "Family Day" for Nathan, Leila and Isabelle no matter what. Today, Leila and Nathan contributed their insight and used their gifts to help us all honour the memory of Isabelle. Nathan played several songs with themes that Isabelle would have loved to have heard and Leila delivered an eloquent eulogy - she captured the true essence of Isabelle.

Thank you to Pastor Ralph Hargrave for Officiating and to Krista Hargrave, Betty Henniger, Dale and Florence Archibald for all their hard work to put together the luncheon afterward. Thank you to The Royal Canadian Legion Branch # 173 for representing Isabelle as well.

Thank you to Pastor Don Schneider and wife Shirley for being here, it was wonderful to see you at OCC again.

First, a few facts about Isabelle. Isabelle celebrated her 80th birthday this past January. She was with our church for MANY years - 40 plus years!

Isabelle must have observed so much over her faithful years to our congregation - our family. Everyone who attended today knew Isabelle as part of the church, she clung on through all the ups and downs and changes over time, some of those times must have been discouraging but she never wavered. This quality about her has been a true ministry to each of us women in our body.

There was a time of open sharing from the gathering and here were some of the words and thoughts shared - the more personal touches that we each enjoyed about Isabelle - the things that made her ... HER!

Isabelle often had "words" from the Lord. She always shared whenever she did - and many people concur that these words were "right on"

Isabelle loved to share scripture, and really dwelt in the Psalms. Again, when she shared it more than likely "fit" with the message spoken by our Pastor(s)

Isabelle was a dear friend to the widows!

She shared 40 years of sweet friendship with Kaye Harkness - thats a tremendous amount of time.

Isabelle was a prayer "warrior" She was not afraid to share the Good News of Jesus Christ, whether she was in church or on the street.

She was an encouragement to others and to other ministries in our community.

Isabelle was completely unique - forthright, she "spoke the truth"
She was faithful.

She had a great sense of humour.

She was independant.

She was "gruff" on the outside at times, but if you worked to get to know her you discovered a beautiful, warm, and very very generous person waiting to share friendship with you.

She was "proud" in that she did not want to be a burden on anyone.

She loved to join in church activities and you could count on her to be there.

She loved to open her home for church activities.
She was a good cook.

Isabelle was this, and so much more. We will miss Isabelle so very much but we celebrate that we can be confident that Isabelle is with her Lord and savior today. Thank you to Isabelle's family for sharing her with us over the years.


Ralph and Krista Hargrave
We welcome Pastor Ralph Hargrave and Krista to our ministry. Ralph and Krista are also long-time members of OCC over the years with a small gap the past few years when they were away due to ministering to the needs of family members. We are so glad to have you back, and back on board! Ralph and Krista will be taking responsibility for home visitations and are also will be leading worship services at Mariposa Gardens, bringing ministry to the seniors.
Farewell for a season to Dale and Florence Archibald who are vital, well respected and much loved in our OCC family. Dale has preached over the year - faithfully shared God's Good Word with us and we have benefitted from His obedience and annointing. Dale and Florence took ownership of the Mariposa Gardens ministry to date before passing the torch to Ralph and Krista. Besides these essential contributions, both Dale and Florence have provided so much more service to our church. They are always "helping hands" with all events. They are the first faces you will see when an event happens - I'm talking they are there when things need to be set up, and I've worked side by side with Dale, his shirt sleeves rolled right up, doing dishes! Florence is like a hummingbird in the background, swiftly and efficiently taking care of all things in the way of setting up and dishing out the food and taking the laundry home as well. And I've not even mentioned her Operation Shoeboxes ministry she is faithful to each year.
Dale and Florence will now follow the Canadian Geese south where they will pour their blessings into the ministry they've built up "across the line" in the warmer climes. They've grown quite an impressive little "RV ministry" and seen much fruit from this. We will truly miss you both. Thank you for everything you do, so selflessly. We will pray for your safe journey. We love you! Please send home reports 'from the road' for us to share here!
Farewell Luncheon for Dale and Florence
Sunday, November 14th
Following morning services
Where: OCC
No need to bring anything but a hearty appetite! Come say goodbye to Dale and Florence for this season.

Work Bee
Saturday, November 2o 10:30 a.m.
Where: OCC

Don't wear your new clothes. Do bring a good attitude and elbow grease.

Prayer at Kaye's
EVERY Thursday morning 10:00 a.m.

Come, bring a prayer requests!

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Lilybean84 said...

That was beautifull written. My heart aches that I missed her funeral. I wasn't as close to Isabelle as my sister was but I also knew her from the time I was 12. She was a cornerstone of the church and it will seem odd that her words of insight and strange sense of humour are gone. It is truly a loss and I am rather upset that once again this damn ocean is in my way.

Although I am delighted to hear that Ralph and Krista are back! Dear Barb if you can ask Krista to offer her telephone number I would love to call her! It has been far too long!