Monday, June 28, 2010

Last week of June

Its hard to believe June is coming to a close, soon the children will be out for summer vacation. 

How I remember those happy childhood times, looking forward to vacation and a seemingly endless summer stretched out before me.  Now as an adult the days seem to whiz by like calendar pages whipping off in a gale.  This is because I am busy, of course, as so many of you are.  But what about those who are suffering or not well?  Time is elastic for them, a painful process of just getting through the days.  Like our good sister Isabelle who is in hospital at the moment.  May our hearts have sympathy, may our thoughts turn to them with our prayers and certainly if we find time out of our busy schedules to brighten up their days would make the clocks tick faster for them.  God created us to fellowship, after all. 

God bless all sick folk everywhere,

And all who suffer pain,

All invalids, all crippled folk,

And all who long have lain

In bed by day and night, and know

How wearily the hours go.




In case you were unable to attend this past Sunday, here is the Word for Sunday, June 27th delivered by Pastor Jussi.

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Did you notice (and duh, I should have taken a photo!)  Our church is looking all bright and fresh with the new painting that Pastor Jussi has done.  What a welcome upgrade to our building.  Did you have a difficult time getting into our parking lot this past Sunday?  The grounds have been disrupted as the town is putting in new sidewalks and a retaining wall along the bank at the side of the highway.  What welcome improvements!  However, the road was closed off on Sunday with no clear instructions on how to get around it all.  It will be wonderful when all the work is done.  


The friday night “Soaking Well” ministry is enjoying a great beginning.  This past Friday was the third “soak” and the people who “came to the well” received answers to their individual needs.  Praise God! 

Sunday school turned out to be a good time this weekend, even as I re…luct…ly dragged my feet downstairs to do it.  For some reason I fear that I won’t be able to bless the children – I’m always afraid I won’t be able to give value to them in the way of Bible learning.  But whenever I follow God’s nudge on my heart the children minister to ME and it works out.  I was very grateful Florence asked to help – things just flowed. 

We decided to simply let the Spirit show us what to do and it only took a few moments for us to discern the children were quite happy drawing and colouring.  One boy, Steven, was an absolute EXPERT on all things airplane related so we went along with him.  Florence even knew a lovely song called “Jesus is my Pilot” so we learned the song as we all drew pictures and flew paper airplanes.  We talked about relying on faith along the same lines as a pilot relies on “auto pilot”  These children were QUICK and drew the connecting thoughts right away.  With no further ado, here is the song and some of the wonderful pictures and airplanes we got to see!

Thank you to Steven, Lauren, Hail and Autumn for your help with these wonderful pictures and the song.


airplane  (3)

airplane  (4)

airplane  (5)

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When my Pilot comes I’ll take my aeroplane ride,

Won’t that just be grand with Jesus by my side,

Higher than the sun, the moon, the stars above – we’ll fly,

When my Pilot comes I’ll take my aeroplane ride!


art box

Operation Shoebox Challenge

As you know our church participates in Operation Christmas Child – a ministry of Samaritan’s Purse and so we have put out a “shoebox a month” challenge.  May’s challenge was a COLOR theme, June’s an ART theme – the box above a collaboration between myself and Melanie Olsen.  We have come up with a new theme for July – it will be a “HANDY MAN” theme.  So why not fill a box with some good tools and useful things to help a “Dad’s little helper” box, if you would like to do for a younger child – or a Carpenter box for an older child.  (don’t forget to pray for the child who receives it as well!) Who knows, this might be something that will allow a child to develop the skills for a career in life!  These shoebox gifts are sometimes the ONLY present a child in the third world might receive.  What a great opportunity. 

If you don’t have the way to shop for a box but would like to “sponsor” one, we figure it costs between $15 - $20 to nicely fill one.  We will gladly “SHOP and PACK” for you if you would like!  Just contact Florence if you are interested to do this. 

To learn more about Operation Christmas Child and the good work of Samaritan’s Purse, just click on the photo of the shoebox above!






Kaye’s Power Prayer

Be prepared to spend a good hour of DEEP prayer. Kaye has hosted Prayer, Thursday mornings for over 30 years!

Kaye Harkness

10:30 a.m.

Thursday, June 17, 2010

7806 Gravenstein Drive


The Soaking Well

A time to soak up the presence of the King!  An unstructured time of worship and praise where we wait on Jesus to meet in prayer and fellowship.

7:00 p.m.

Friday, June 18, 2010

42 Finch Crescent

Phone: 250-495-2550

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