Wednesday, January 12, 2011

Christmas Photos, A Worship Song and a A Poem by Kaye

As promised, here are a few photos from our Christmas Dinner, 2010.  It was a luncheon, actually and a wonderful time was had by all.  We always set for more people than we invite, and the chairs are always filled.  There are more photos which I will gladly share via a private email link should you request it! 

Our church is especially blessed in the music department and we were treated to a rendition of  "I Can Only Imagine" during the dinner.  Wonderful! 

Speaking of which, we welcomed part of the "Away Team" to join us for this past weekend's service - the Away Team coming from Park Drive Church in Oliver.  Thanks to Bart and Maurice for singing, soundboard and organization.  And we also recognise our team members - Miles, Nathan, Pheoniz, Ken and Sheryl (from our women, Sheryl an extra thank you for your voice lends a wonderful complement)

Here is a song, which you can enjoy here if you were not able to join us last weekend.  Just click on the triangle button to play.

Exciting transformations are taking place at OCC - one nice feature is the addition of "rear screen projection" which allows the worship team to see the words to songs, and no more cluttering of computers and cables and mics in front of our stage.  Thank you to all you (yes, Nate and Leila!) for your help. 

And there's more happening all the time so stay tuned for news here. 

Kaye has supplied me with some of her poems and I'll share you with one today:


Such Love

This wondrous love is like sunshine to my soul
It penetrates the very marrow of my bones
In your path let me ever be
On the tempests of life's stormy seas
Your hand in mine will give me rest
Jesus saviour of my soul
Your hand in mine will make me bold
To tell others of your great love
The gift of salvation sent through Jesus from our father above
Let me tell others of your plan of redemption
Provided by Jesus for you and me
This my prayer shall ever be
To lead your lost sheep home to thee.

~ Kaye Harkness 2010


Prayer at Kaye's
Every Tuesday - 10:00 a.m.
7806 Gravenstein

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Every Friday - 7:00
Osoyoos Christian Centre
42 Finch, Osoyoos
For more info: 250-495-2550

OCC Women's Fellowship Meeting
Thursday, January 20th - 1 to 3 p.m.
Moira's place - 8006 Vedette Drive
Bring a treat - bring a FRIEND!
This is just a time for us to "hang out" together.  If you've been inspired by a poem, story anything please bring it along to share. 

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