Monday, May 3, 2010

What a Wonderful Week!

Greetings All - welcome to our Osoyoos Christian Centre's Women's online meeting place (whew, that's a mouthful - try saying it fast, haha!)  There has been a lot happening at OCC over this last weekend and first we will warm you up with  some music and sound clips from our Worship service from May 2.  For those of you who could not be with us, THIS is the reason I take time each week to post.  It takes a lot of time to organize and some thinking too (the hard part LOL!)  but I continue to receive confirmation that this blog DOES make a difference. 
We were joined by the wonderful "Away Team" from our sister church Park Drive Pentecostal from Oliver.  Each time you provide the music there is a special anointing over us - we thank you from the bottom of our hearts.  I know that each song you sang touched me - and of course Pastor Bart has his own unique way of delivering an important Word each time.  He's got just the right blend of knowledge, wisdom and ... humour, perfect to engage everyone.
Luncheon (4)
Luncheon (2)

Song 1:  Amazing Love
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Song 2:  Sing, Sing, Sing!
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Song 3:  Lead Me To The Cross
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I was especially moved by this last song - I enjoyed the worshipful way the Away Team sang it. 
And I also wanted to be sure to include this clip of Stacy sharing a word from Revelations (Stacy is dressed in red in the photo at the top)
Discover Simple, Private Sharing at
As you can see, the Away Team is quite a large group of people and it takes a good deal of effort and organization as well as dedication to pull their sessions together - this besides the fact of having to travel down to practice and set up at our church.  From the singing to the sound mixing to the composing Power Point and running the slide show, these people love what they do - its evident when you are in their presence. 
Thank you to each and every one of you for being here for us. 

pot luck (11)
Dan and Olga McCormick

This Sunday was also our Church Family Luncheon and it was a success as always.  We were blessed with extra hands in the setting up as we enjoyed the company of Pastor Dan and Olga McCormick who stopped in on their way through.  After reading the blog and knowing we were setting up Saturday night for the Sunday Luncheon they came and helped us whip everything into order.  Thank you!  Who knows, one day we might come be "willing hands" for you too. 

Pastor Jussi and Leena
Our luncheon was a great opportunity to OFFICIALLY welcome Pastor Jussi and Leena to our church family - what better way than with a nummy DQ ice cream cake decorated by Rose Johnson.
Here are a few random photos from our get - together:

Luncheon (6)
 Luncheon (7)
pot luck (2)
Angela - always smiling and looking pretty!
pot luck (3)
"Away Team" members and families
pot luck (4)
pot luck (9)

Thanks to Rose for the beautiful bouquets centerpieces.  Won't YOU join us for our next luncheon too? 

Thank you to all of you who have requested to be "subscribed" to this blog - we now have just under 60 official "subscribers" who have an email delivered to your inbox whenever a new post is up!  Please email us at if you know of anyone who would like to be added. 
As most of you know from our last blog post, Nathan and Leila Freeman are in China for the next two months where Nathan is working out his teaching practicum.  Here is their latest news:
Hey world,
We've arrived safely in China. We just got connected to the internet today as it was a holiday when we arrived. We've settled into a lovely little flat. I'll see about if we can send pics.
We've already taken the train (LRT) all the way into city centre and around to other stops. We've discovered some wonderful food. What bits and pieces of Chinese I have have been coming back and being used. I asked where milk was the other day in a supermarket (Neo nai zi na li) and the person understood me and pointed me in the right direction. I was thrilled.
As it turns out, Nathan has all four of his teaching blocks on the same day (They are on a linear system where they have ten classes, five on "Day One" and five on "Day Two" all year) and so he will have a day between classes. We're super stoked about that.
Will try to keep updating, but must be going now.
Blessings to all,
Leila (and Nathan who is over there talking to his sponsor teacher....)


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We meet every Wednesday night at 7:00
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Bible Study
Wednesday, May 5  7:00 p.m.
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Inter Church Service
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Sunday, May 16
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10:30 a.m. (I'm pretty sure)
A note that May 6th is a Day of Prayer - this according to one of my very favourite sites -   Why not check them out and send out some of their greetings.  This site has something for all occasions and even some "just because" cards too.  They feature beautiful wallpaper every month too. 
Another site you might enjoy is - a place where you can listen to Christian Music online for free!  Uplifting and encouraging music to help you through your day. 

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