Tuesday, March 30, 2010

A New Look and "Fellow-Shopping"

Hello Everyone!

Here's hoping the past two weeks have been good for you and that you are anticipating a wonderful Easter weekend with friends and family.

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This is a brief post, but it will include Pastor Jussi's message and also a the beautiful worship song "holiness"

In the time since I last posted here Jussi and Leena have arrived and joined our church family. We are so very grateful for their leadership and fellowship - they've already been industrious and I see their touches on our church building and feel their warmth and welcoming within our group. They were fortunate to find temporary housing for now, but are still seeking a permanent home, cat friendly for this pretty fluffy little Ulla, who as you can see is helping with the daily bible reading.

Ulla's morning devotions-1

As you can see, she really is an "inside" cat and so if you might hear of a reasonably priced rental it would be much appreciated if you could contact them.

Here is Pastor Jussi's message, preached Sunday, March 28th. Just click on the Play button to hear it.

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A group of our church members went out for an outting to Penticton yesterday which we have dubbed a "Fellow-Shop" and it proved to be a wonderful way to get together. We are considering doing a local one in our own community and we hope to prompt some of our senior members to come along!

Here are a few photos of our day:

fellow shop2

Leila arrived with Henna on her hands!

fellow shop2 (2)

And she brought cup cakes too! Num!

fellow shop2 (3)

Melanie, chatting to us in the back seat (we fit 7 people in the van!)

fellow shop2 (4)

Anglela, waiting for the doors to open!

Our first stop was at a thrift store which rotates its stock twice a year, this being one of those times. We arrived a few minutes early and waited in line. Thankfully the sun was shining by the time we arrived.

fellowshop 1

Rose, asking "Does THIS suit me? The hat, the sweater?"

fellowshop 1 (2)

Ah, the basket overflows!

fellowshop 1 (3)

Leila, buying a coat for a friend - she's always thinking of others!

fellowshop 1 (4)

Not such a clear picture, but this is Cowboy, the dog, who thinks he's a hood ornament, or just sunning himself in the dash window. And I thought we might be able to see Ken in this picture - he was kind enough to drive us all there and back, even though he had to drive to Kelowna later. Thank you Ken, we really appreciated it.

fellowshop 1 (5)

And what would an outting be without good food - we ate at a Chinese Buffet before hitting a few other stores.



Dallas - Ken and Al's father who is receiving radiation in Kelowna.

Please let me know if you have a prayer request!



Inter Church Service Easter Service -

Bring a friend - join all the churches in our area in Praising the Lord!

Date - Friday, April 2

Time - 10:30 a.m.

Place - Osoyoos Baptist Church (hwy 97)

Phone - 250-495-6591

Easter Dinner - All Welcome! At the Johnson's. The meat and potato dishes are provided, please bring whatever you would like to complement. For more information:

Date - Monday, April 5

Time - 2:30 p.m.

Place - 18 Larkspur

Phone - 250-495-5133 (Ken, Rose, Al)

Women's Prayer Group -

Hosted by Kaye - she's been praying over Osoyoos and with our women for over thirty years to date.

Date - Thursday, April 1

Time - 10:30

Place - Kaye's 7806 Gravenstein Drive

Phone - 250-495-6816

Women's Fellowship Meeting -

We are listening to the series from Midday Connection called "Friendships of Women" and are now on part 9. Bring a friend!

Date - Tuesday, April 5th

Time - 1:30

Place - 18 Larkspur Drive (Rose's)

Yard Sale -

There will be a yard sale at OCC - There are plenty of tables so if you would like to set one of your own up you're welcome. Nathan and Leila are going to China and so they are raising funds towards this and they welcome you to contribute :):)

Date - Tuesday, April 10 th

Time - To Be Announced

Place - Osoyoos Christian Centre


And to leave you on a musical note - here's Miles and Leena leading in song with "Holiness" May you have a wonderful weekend!

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