Sunday, January 10, 2010

2010 - What Does the Lord Want For Us?

2009 came and was a year of growth not FOR Osoyoos Christian Centre, but it was a year of growth FOR US within our church. All in all our numbers remained small - some new people joined our family while others moved on. It was difficult sometimes because its so natural for us to equate "numbers" with the worth of our church.

In an "instant gratification" society we are often advised to 'cut and run' if we don't experience quick profits, if we don't increase. And admittedly its sometimes very difficult not to get sucked into this frame of thought - and we get sucked in when we allow ourselves to think the church is about US. But we can stand firm in the knowledge that God has a good plan for OCC.

By waiting, by being faithful we have been given some wonderful gifts - the fruit of waiting and hoping in the Lord. By working when we were tired we were given STRENGTH when we prayed for it. By waiting when sometimes the grass looked greener elsewhere we were given VISION for the potential of our own church. By praying for fortitude in this season we were rewarded with FELLOWSHIP from our sister - church in Oliver. By shouldering responsibilities we were allowed to discover GIFTS AND TALENTS we may not have known we possessed. By being real and accepting exactly what our church is we were rewarded with SEEING THE BLESSINGS and not the shortcomings of Osoyoos Christian Centre. And by choosing to honour our small church family we allowed newcomers to join in our vision of what we KNOW the Lord is going to do in our midst in the future. And sometimes when we felt ragged and tired we needed only to look to our senior members - some have been faithful to Osoyoos Christian Centre for 33 YEARS! How could be immune to their sacrifice?

And we are grateful that the Lord has heard our petition and we look forward with great anticipation for the arrival of Pastor Jussi and his wife Leena to join our family soon.

Jussi and Leena come to us with clear conviction that their appointment is here with us - that they too feel the time is ripe for a Great Revival. How awesome is this? How can we not be excited to be poised at this time of our church history? How will Jesus use Osoyoos Christian Centre this year? I'm confident that when I blog next year at this same time there will be some incredible and joyful history to be recounted!

Won't you please lift our little church in your prayers? We know that God can do MIGHTY works with small numbers!



Tuesday January 12th

1:30 PM

OCC Women's Bible Meeting

At Isabelle's place.

Wednesday January 13th

OCC Bible Study

7:00 PM

Hosted by Ken and Al Johnson

At Osoyoos Christian Centre

This study will be focussed on Psalm 119 but also please 42 read Psalm 29 in preparation.

Finch Crescent, Osoyoos BC

Sunday January 17th

House Warming Party!

For Nathan and Leila Freeman

Right after Sunday Service

At their home - email occwomenonline@gmail to request a map or come to church and follow the train of cars!

This is a pot-luck so expect a call this week asking what you might contribute.



Betty provided the WORD today - a wonderful and inspirational reflection on Communion. She reminded that Jesus the very night He was betrayed, took bread. One of the last things He did before going to the Mount of Olives where he was betrayed. When we share in Communion we are reminded of His sacrifice - and invited to share and ponder in how HUGE what He did for us. Won't you listen to Betty's WORD and allow yourself to ponder along with us? Just click the PLAY button to listen.

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